Valtopia Celebrate
I can’t wait to open access to the Valtopia CELEBRATE crew YASSSZZZ

RELAX OCLOCK into regeneration.

Let it be easy


🎉 You 🎉
It’s time to allow what happens when we let ourselves open our hearts. 💜🙏
🛑When we fear, when we loathe, when we fight ourselves 

🍃through the germination of our seeds of creation 

🗣with biting words

🧠And fearful projections of woe and misery 

💩We settle down into so much less than we are capable

👩🏼‍🌾And when we choose together to be in a space of fertilizing our seeds and allowing for the creation of our 🌸blooms


🌈spectacular and vibrant and prosperous for all 

💫Our collective germination is fueled by our intentions which we embody daily, moment to moment by tuning into 

💜our hearts 

💫and trusting deeply 

⚡️the stream of brilliance and energetic frequencies that come through. 

✅We can do this so powerfully collectively. 
I am offering you a UNIQUE AND POWERFUL opportunity to join me at all levels of deepening your process to:
🌈 Think more clearly
🌈 Make better decisions 
🌈 Allow for your own natural flow 
🌈 Become your desires and live freely, prosperously in love, health and wealth
When you join this experience to witness, feel and create your own frequencies designed to inspire your highest DESIRES AND DIRECTIVES and the feeling and knowing of what it’s like to be in your own soul right energy. 

Clear and open your channel to stream and enjoy the results of choosing and deciding ease, peace, joy, grace, love and compassion as well as MONEY 💰 the currency of your energy is your money so we get to SHIFT into magnetic AF MODE through

✅ Cellular regeneration 
✅ Alignment and attunement of our energy centers
✅ Restored levels of grounding ✅centering and ✅connecting cosmically
✅ Instant reboot of all portals and awarenesses
✅ Awakening of extra sensories and reconnection to inner blue print 

And much more... 

In this ⚡️activation⚡️ as we roll into the 🎉 Valtopia CELEBRATE 🎉 

YOU rockstar cosmic feeler YOU are the creator of your universe from within and you get to click right here to join and we begin the intentions and frequencies as soon as you invest. 

I have been feeling energy running in my feet all day and so much heart expansion for us!!

I can’t wait!!!!!

The group is now open and the price is $88 per month. 

This rocket is taking off with the luxury relax and regenerate o’clock for baller healers, messengers and creative visionaries ready to receive a reboot and recoding of your power system through your own download and awakenings while you travel babay. 

Your empath sensitive self is ready to open up and receive 

Party starts HERE 🎉🕺🌈💰
  • Private Facebook group
  • ​Weekly reading
  • ​Weekly hotseat
  • Discounted session with Val
  • Bongos
  • Toning
  • ​Light Language
  • ​Energetic REBOOTS
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