A FREE two day live virtual mental, spiritual and energetic INFUSION to give yourself

PERMISSION to ___________

Yes, this is blank, and YOUR CHOICE to decide and activate! How exciting!! Let your energy and spirit tune in - what are you needing permission to FINALLY CHANGE, DO OR ALLOW???
Who is this for?

This two day virtual experience is for busy, successful, visionary entrepreneurs, creatives and powerful leaders to break through CRUSTY, STUBBORN AND LIMITING beliefs, energy and habits!!

CRACK that old subconscious code and reveal your LATEST wisdom by LETTING GO and giving yourself permission with frequency artist, Queen Valtopia, THE rockstar powerful guide to your most EPIC energy, alignment and activation!

If anybody can SHIFT and make possible what seems IMPOSSIBLE, it’s Val Cripps!

This is for powerful creators who want to RECLAIM a part of themselves that has been lost, hidden, undiscoverable, less successful than other parts, awkward, difficult, and is ready to BE witnessed and ACTIVATED!

This is so you can finally do that thing you have been talking about forever but were too

or scared.

This is for those of you who are ready to SHIFT your energy, mind and belief around any personal situation where you feel like you can’t, won’t but so desire and NEED to.

Recovering people pleasers, perfectionists, high level, high energy, highly aware over achievers with busy minds who are ready to LET GO of judgement, self sabotage, stupid repetitive LOOPY behavior - this is for YOU.

Let us tune in on an area of focus and ALLOW it to CHANGE and finally decide to DO THE THING.

You must be willing to watch and listen to Val’s method of energetic delivery which is VERY entertaining YET powerful and may include:

  • Talking/inspired guidance/channeled wisdom
  •  Toning and singing
  •  Light language (weird sounding words that allow Val to relax and do her path wizard stuff)
  •  Bongos
  •  Empowered Energy and other modalities of energy shifting that will clear and activate you
  •  Mindset training that will blow your mind open to new possibilities
Val’s voice, presence and energy is extremely powerful and may result in:
  •  Physical body response and release
  •  Emotional response and release
  •  Real life situations evolving and changing
  •  Attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, feelings shifting
This is for people who HAVE done loads of personal work, and find you’re NOT manifesting what you so think you’re writing about in your journal, or praying for, or putting on your vision board. You’re tired of working endlessly and not getting the full results of what you seem to be working so hard for and so dedicated to.

This is especially powerful for people who haven’t even been able to bring themselves to DO the journaling or expressing or even tuning into your highest vision as you will feel a freedom to express yourself like never before.

This is also for those of you who do the work, but there is a particularly stubborn, new or stiff area that you just KNOW a quantum boost would accelerate and amplify your natural ability to shift in OTHER areas. I can feel your energy where it’s not as fluid and help mirror to you where you can adjust and modify your own sense of balance.
THIS is the work: 
In this virtual two day experience, you will be presented with an opportunity to experience the Valtopia magical energy shifts, simply by participating IN the experience, live or replay.

Being in the presence of my powerhouse lightning bolt energy will LIGHT YOUR ASS UP and fire and connect and rewire your brain, body and BOLD energy! Not only will you feel an energetic shift, but the readings and messages coming through Val’s channel FOR you will assist you to KEEP this shift and transformation in your life AFTER the live experience.

Come join the livestream, or enjoy the replay, and feel and experience an energetic shift simply by watching and tuning into the frequencies transmitted.
(Videos will be posted on the membership site and available with email signup)

If you fully participate in the included exercises, answer the questions, follow through with both days of the experience, your result can be:

  • An ACTIVATED and deep sense of ownership and PERMISSION FROM WITHIN ( in your area of focus and in general)
  •  CLARITY in your mind, body AND spirit
  •  Heightened awareness to support you
  •  Deeper commitment and focus
  •  Renewed energy, vitality and exuberance
  •  Illuminated aura and ENERGY
  •  YOU DOING THE THING you decided to give yourself permission to do
  •  Tools to go forward and stay with it
If you’re ready to show up, watch these videos and DO the work of tuning into yourself with Val’s support, THIS GIFT IS FOR YOU.

This is what we do/details: 

On March 28 and March 29 at 11 am PST, Val will stream LIVE through zoom and into a private popup GROUP where you can attend LIVE or watch the replays at your convenience. 

Those who join earlier will have access to PreWork dropped LIVE on Wednesday so you can begin the process of shifting before we convene together in the livestreams! 

The combo of the livestreams will include:

- Energy clearing
- Energy activation
- Mindset rewire
- Energy field and aura recalibration to ground, center and integrate

This is what i do: 
I am a virtual energy guide, mindset mentor and life coach for highly sensitive, visionary creative BALLERS who are ready to honor their highly energized and powerful life force and do the work of releasing programs, thoughts, behaviors and choices that are not aligning them to their highest vision, goals and dreams.  I have so many success stories from my clients who have regenerated and rebirth after trauma, abuse, toxic relationships to others and self, and also catapulted BOSS visionaries to quantum leap in their business and lives. My presence, energy and gifts serve like a bolt of lightning, instantly inspiring you to burn away what isn’t yours anymore and lighting you up to what is. Buckle up and get ready to ROCK with the Valtopia method of alchemy and transformation!
Once you are invested into the Valtopiasphere, your energy begins to shift right away.

I do work and support you on all levels.

I generally deliver my content via video, also on sound cloud, through livestreams delivered in fb, youtube and I am designing a membership access for each experience I offer now. I love my communities and creating powerful and safe spaces in which to expand your own vision of what you CAN do and be.

My clients look back and can’t believe the shifts in life that they have allowed by choosing to invest in themselves with my support.

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