Face the FACTS! Release your overwhelm! REBOOT into FLOW.
This is a REBOOT in your mind, body and spirit

to release you

from the past, (no matter what)
into your most

BOSS self mastery, awareness and living!!

I am shifting energy and minds with you
LIVE and virtually
to your living room through facebook daily

in a mind blowing, life changing

to introduce you to my
Valtopia method of the daily REBOOT

to shifting into your own greatest awareness, strength and magic in your life

so you can finally be yourself all the way and live life FULLY

Free yourself to YOU

Become keenly and deeply aware of your own feelings, body and GIFTS.

Finally learn to properly ground, center and HARNESS the deep power and
magic that lies within.

LIVE AND BE the you that you already are deep inside.

Let go of past life and childhood
patterns of energy and beliefs

Free yourself
to the sovereign and divine being that you already are.

You are:
highly sensitive
deeply passionate

your fears and confusion
have sometimes gotten the best of you.

You very well may have experienced trauma as a child

You may have found your energy and ideas were
“too much” for those around you.

They might have called you weird, hyper, over the top

You certainly did seem to know a lot about everyone
and everything.
Just by your intuition.
In fact you may be feeling everybody too. Literally.

You learned to survive and even thrive by doing and knowing FOR EVERYONE ELSE.

This results in perfectionism, people pleasing, ass kissing, self erasing behavior
that allows a deep feeler like you
to feel COZY AND SAFE.

The truth is, you know deep down inside
you are NOT safe

and you are living to please and do for everyone BUT you.
You often feel a
tight throat,
tight chest,
not grounded,

your heart may be on lock down
you feel blocked,
separate from your deepest soul self!

It is creating a certain level of chaos, anxiety and sabotage in your life.

Whenever you actually stretch your wings to spread them and fly,

you get so far before you retreat, you run,
you let others stop you

from your own greatest intentions and success.

The fear, the shame, the guilt
is eating you up underneath

All the meditation, spiritual work, mindset training and


and you feel like youʼre THIS close to a HUGE breakthrough!

If only ...

If only you could feel less blocked from your own vision, guidance and truth!

If only you could feel more integrated and whole about all of you in your life!

If only you could express yourself and your ideas with confidence, gusto and assuredness!

If only you didnʼt have this deep fear of being seen and heard for who you REALLY are!

If only you could FINALLY
stand strong, cut loose whoever whatever really doesnʼt serve you and

a 3-day Reboot Experience
This is a unique and mind blowing, life transformational experience

for creative visionary leaders
who have EXTRA sensory gifts, awareness and IMPACT
to share in the world

and havenʼt yet fully
mastered and integrated those gifts
into their ALIGNED life in a way that feels AWESOME and TRUE.

This is keeping themselves and the world from their greatest magic, power and

This is for you if you feel the above listed and
This IS for you if:
You LOVE singing, toning, bongos, and sound therapy, live and guided video and audio energy guidance

You are interested in or already learning about quantum creation

You are ready to invest time, money and YOU into you and this experience

You consider yourself cosmic or cosmic curious (spiritual, woo woo, creative and open)

You are ready to let go of preconceived notions and ideas to find out your OWN feelings and truths

You are easy going with schedules and understand the very powerful concept of divine timing and expression
This is NOT for you if:
You canʼt let go of the way you THINK it is supposed to be

You arenʼt ready to invest your time, money and self to your own best life

You canʼt show up
(you can watch replays, they work just as well)

You have million excuses and wonʼt let them go

You donʼt believe in the infinite and limitless vision of life that lies within YOU

You aren't ready to relax and enjoy but also release and cry and laugh and move 
forward in your life.
Finally in a way like you've never known.

Iʼm so thrilled to support you as I have so many others to finally
  •  FEEL good in your own skin and body
  •  Back yourself so deeply that you feel so confident, worthy and capable
  •  Master your own sensitivity like a BOSS and actually use it like a superpower
  •  Understand your own unique gifts so you can live through and with them rather than fighting them
  •  Detach from codependent people, places and things that are bringing you down
  •  Get super clear and connected to yourself, your guides, and your own greatest wisdom
  •  Feel grounded, centered and calm and know how to get there no matter when or what is going on
  •  Write in your journal and open up to deeper, darker places that have felt too scary
  •  Release years of guilt, shame, fear and anxiety and detach to a neutral and curious state
  •  Develop a daily practice of rebooting to your own highest state of being and flow so you can
I canʼt wait for you to join me!
I guarantee your energy, beliefs and very reality around you
will shift
as you
transform and merge hidden parts of you
that have been holding you back
from your biggest expansion
and best life yet.
It is time to take on the leadership youʼve run from,
cope with the tasks and things you donʼt know or want to do,
and have those conversations and shift those situations
that arenʼt working for you.

You wonʼt get to these any other way than truly
facing your fears,
releasing the resistance
and activating into your own flow.


Are you ready to wake up and feel connected to your day, your life, your
purpose, your mission, your passion and get to it with gusto, focus and


Are you ready to be the ROCKSTAR you that youʼve always known is you
but are still caught up in people pleasing, perfectionistic,
never gonna get you there ways that keep you from being you?


Are you ready for the very REAL possible outcomes of unexpected cash, checks,
income, clients, lovers, friends, opportunities, love, bliss, joy and deep self
awareness that leads to synchronicity, synergy and success??

Are you ready to say FCK YEAH to YOU so you can say FCK OFF to what isnʼt??

The Reboot is now closed. You can get on the waiting list and
we will contact you when it reopens
Is this for absolute beginners to spiritual learning and energy?
It is best to check in with Val if youʼre JUST BEGINNING but there is nothing you really need other than an open mind, heart and willingness to get to know yourself better, and to resonate with my energy and what Iʼm offering.
Is this for expert master energy spiritual gurus?
YES. If you love intuitive sound frequencies, light language, intuitive readings that let you know about your energy, experimental and are looking for new way for you to shift into an even deeper state of mastery, there is healing and magic for you.
Will I know my future - is this fortune telling?
NO. You are learning 8bout your own body, mind 8nd spiritu8l energy in 8nd 8round you so 8s to feel confident in your own 8bility to feel kick8ss d8ily. THIS will bring you 8 gre8t future if you stick to wh8t you find works for you 8nd 8llow yourself to immerse 8nd embody in the experience.
Will you clear past life energies and patterns?
We will begin to see, 8ddress 8nd rele8se them in this experience.
Will you clear inner child energies and patterns?
We will begin to see, 8ddress 8nd rele8se them in this experience.
Will I be healed forever from this experience?
You 8re whole 8nd he8led 8nd you will remember so much of yourself during this experience. The shifts 8nd tr8nsform8tions 8re different for e8ch individu8l 8nd where they 8re in their life experience.
Will I make a return on my investment in this experience?
If not in money, for sure in energy 8nd self love 8nd 8w8reness. Th8t, my de8r, is priceless.
Will I have access to Val one on one in this experience?
In the group, you will h8ve 8 d8ily live exch8nge in the fb group 8nd V8l will be present 8nd responding to 8ll group discussions.
Do I need to do anything to prepare or during the experience?
You will need to be present, listen to the m8teri8ls provided 8nd follow 8ny journ8l
prompts or exercises th8t come through. E8ch tr8nsmission will build upon the l8st cre8ting 8 whole immersive tr8nsform8tion.
F*ck the Fear Find Your Flow
Are you ready for a REBOOT?
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